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Communication Web

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Editorial communication

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Graphic Design

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Communication Web

"One Page" website

The ergonomic and economical web solution

Website whose all contents are gathered on a single page. This format has developed with mobile browsing behaviors where it is easier to navigate within a page than to move from one page to another. This format is mainly used for sites of freelancers, VSEs or craftsmen. Advantageous in terms of ergonomics and economic, this solution can sometimes have certain limitations for SEO.

From 1 140 € HT

Showcase website

The classic website: a safe bet for SEO!

The multi-page showcase site has a menu offering visitors the possibility to navigate on all the pages. Institutional or showcase, this type of website is intended for companies with a wide range of content, many products or services to offer. The number of pages and the volume of adhoc content facilitate natural referencing on search engines.

From 2 340 € HT

Merchant website

Sell your products and services safely online!

A merchant website is a multi-purpose site whose activity is online commerce (e-commerce). The site is equipped with a secure payment system, and offers a catalog whose elements are present in search engines. The merchant site allows secure commercial transactions with account creation, product selection, payment and delivery.

From 6 180 € HT

Web Writing / Editorial Maintenance

Writing specific to web support

Producing editorial content adapted to the Web cannot be improvised. It's a job. Writing for web editing should be concise, direct, quickly understandable. It must also take into account the interactive dimension of the Web with the integration of hypertext links. It must also correspond to the requirements of search engines by taking into account the presence of keywords relevant for indexing.

Rates according to Web solution (One Page, Showcase, Merchant)

WordPress CMS Technical Maintenance

The guarantee of an operational site and "Up To Date"!

Stay focused on your core business! Because a website must evolve at the same time as your company, we can manage for you, updates, creations of new content (text, photos, videos, pages, sections).

Rates according to Web solution (One Page, Showcase, Merchant)

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Editorial communication

Business card

The essential at a low price!

A basic tool for professional prospecting, the business card allows you to transmit essential information about your company during a contact. 

From 71 € HT


Timeless but effective!

The flyer or "leaflet" is used to promote parties, events, to invite to receptions. In the digital age, this printed medium remains modern and can quickly communicate a message to a large number of people!

From 350 € HT


Grab the attention of your customers!

Point of Sale Advertising (POS) includes the media used to promote a product, a brand, a company at the point of sale. Kakemonos or oriflammes, counter display and Roll-Up will allow you to attract the attention of your customers at your point of sale.

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Brochure / Leaflet

Brochure or leaflet?

A commercial brochure is a communication medium printed on coated paper, consisting of two or three or more shutters. This support allows you to present your company and get your marketing message across. It is differentiated from the leaflet or flyer by its finish and thicker grammage. The brochure therefore has a much more high-end rendering than the leaflet. It therefore aims to communicate over a longer term.

From 744 € HT

Brochure / Magazine

develop your notoriety and visibility

A magazine brochure is a periodical publication of several pages of an informative nature for commercial or non-commercial purposes, recognizable by its format, A4 closed to A6 closed. It is also connected, either by a pricked binding or by a glued square back binding. This communication medium is often illustrated, so as to attract the attention of readers. On the other hand, its content is more textual than graphic.

From 1 700 € HT

You need a

Are you uncomfortable with the procedures of the printing industry?
We offer you to manage your print jobs for you! 

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Graphic Design

Graphic design

Graphic design is our core business!

It consists in creating, choosing and using graphic elements to create a visual communication object for the purpose of promoting, informing. According to the axes defined with our clients, we work a lot on the symbolic and meaningful aspect of the elements used in the design of the project.

On estimate.

Visual identity

Your graphic identity!

The visual identity of a brand or company is declined by a name, the design of a badge, a logo, colors, typography. We create all these elements and group them in a graphic charter, which allows them to be declined on different communication media.

From 1 688 € HT

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